Canadians Last Names Start With Letter A

Famous People born in Canada who have last names starting with the letter "A" (some are more famous than others!)  If you are looking for someone and didn't find them here you could find them under a specific category.

 Abel, Sid
 Acton, Keith
 Adams, Bryan
 Adams, Greg
 Adams, Jack
 Adams, Russ
 Aglukark, Susan
 Agosta, Meghan
 Alexander, Claire
 Allen, Bruce
 Allen, Bryan
 Allison, Jamie
 Allison, Jason
 Allison, Mike
 Anderson, Glenn
 Anderson, John
 Anderson, Pamela
 Andreychuk, Dave
 Angotti, Lou
 Anka, Paul
 Apps, Gillian
 Apps, Syl
 Apps, Syl Jr.
 Arden, Jann
 Arbour, Al
 Archibald, Dave
 Armstrong, Colby
 Armstrong, Derek
 Armstrong, George
 Arnason, Chuck
 Arniel, Scott
 Arnott, Jason
 Asham, Arron
 Ashton, Brent
 Aucoin, Adrian
 Audette, Donald
 Auld, Alexander
 Aurie, Larrey
 Avery, Sean
 Aykroyd, Dan

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