Sunday, October 23, 2011

Famous Canadians Last Names Start with Letter "C|

Famous People born in Canada who have last names starting with the letter "C".   If you are looking for someone and didn't find them here you could find them under a specific category.

 Cameron, James
 Cammalleri, Mike
 Campbell, Colin
 Campbell, Neve
 Candy, John
 Canyon, George
 Cardinal, Tantoo
 Cariou, Len
 Carr, Emily
 Carrey, Jim
 Carson, Jack
 Cattrall, Kim
 Cavanagh, Tom
 Cera, Michael
 Chante, Keshia
 Chaykin, Maury
 Cheecho, Jonathan
 Cheevers, Jerry
 Chong, Tommy
 Christensen, Hayden
 Ciccarelli, Dino
 Clark, Terry
 Clark, Wendel
 Clarke, Bobby
 Clayton-Thomas, David
 Cochrane, Tom
 Cockburn, Bruce
 Coffey, Paul
 Cohen, Leonard
 Calantonic, Enrico
 Connors, Stompin Tom
 Crewson, Wendy
 Cronenburg, David
 Cronyn, Hume
 Crosby, Sidney
 Cullis-Suzuki, Severn
 Cummings, Burton
 Curtola, Bobby
 Cuthbert, Elisha


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kate Middleton - Canadian Connection

Kate Middleton's Canadian connection traces back to her late grandfather Peter Middleton, to whom she was quite close.  Her grandfather (who recently passed away)  was a former Second World War Mosquito pilot. 

Peter Middleton made two trips to Canada during his youth. He visited Quebec, when he 17 years old, on a "school empire tour party!" in August 1939, and he served at least two years at a Royal Air Force base in Alberta.